Friends of Arden Hall and the Coppice

The Friends of Arden Hall are a group of local residents created in 2004. They meet up with other interested parties regularly to discuss the park and any issues that may affect the area, they have helped to advise on the recent improvements and continue to help the area develop. The group secured funding for a refurbished entrance to Arden Hall in 2006 as can be seen in one of the above pictures. They have helped to advise on recent path works in Arden Hall and on the Coppice and an archaeological dig carried out around the Hall in 2012. In 2013 the group worked to enhance a large area of woodland, details can be found here. 
That project was partly funded by Biffa Award and also the Forestry Commission.

The group helped to improve the park's play area in Peel Park, details can be found here.

The group are currently seeking funding for an entrance enhancement to Peel Park LNR to help improve the visual appearance of one of the main entrances to this visitor designation. 

Please click the image below to view a full-size version showing the plans.


New members are always welcome for further details about the next meeting please contact the Parks Department on 01254 388111 for further details.