Peel Park 2013

The overall aim of the project is to enhance a large area of woodland, to optimise its potential as a habitat, increase biodiversity and improve access and the visitor experience.

This will be done with the selective thinning of 10.5 hectares of woodland favouring the removal of Larch and the retention of native broadleaves such as Birch and Oak. The woodland will then be replanted with a mixture of native broadleaved trees and shrubs. Bird and bat boxes will be sited. Access will also be improved along with improved seating and visitor information.

This project is a continuation of investment in the area following a masterplan and woodland management plan being produced.

Hyndburn Green Spaces Forum provides support, promotion to the Friends of Arden Hall & the Coppice’s bid and help to register the project with ENTRUST. Its members will also have the opportunity to attend training sessions delivered by Lancashire Wildlife Trust which will train volunteers to assess woodland conditions and carry out bird, bat, mammal and vegetation surveys which will be useful for this project and similar biodiversity projects.

Friends of Arden Hall and the Coppice have applied for around £50,000 from Biffa, this is around two-thirds of the project costs.

There is also English Woodland Grant Scheme (EWGS) money secured for the area and administrated by the Forestry Commission, this was awarded to Hyndburn Borough Council. This area will benefit from around £25,000 funding from the EWGS, although more money is available from the EWGS for other areas of the site.

To help the Biffa Fund bid, Hyndburn Borough Council will pay for training to be given to volunteers to monitor this area of woodland and the wildlife it sustains.

Click here to see a Summary of Peel Park Management Plan.

Here is some more information about the Friends of Arden Hall and the Coppice