Peel Park Play Area

Funding has been awarded by Lancashire Environmental Fund and Hyndburn Borough Council to Friends of Arden Hall and the Coppice to extend the existing play area at Peel Park into the grass slope below and provide the top 4 preferred pieces of play equipment from the consultation. In addition, to utilise the sloping land efficiently, we would like to provide a timber retaining wall which can also form a traverse wall. All play equipment would be installed over a grass mat safety surface. The area will be fenced, as the area is also very popular with dog walkers, and a new entrance gate would be installed to access the new grassed area. A section of railings would be removed from the existing play area to link the existing and new area and this would allow 2 distinct areas so that very young children can play in safety. We would also like to plant some native /aromatic/floral shrubs on the south side of the play area and involve local children in the planting.

Below is a plan of the play area, you may click it for a full size image.



 Below is a picture of the opening of the improved area, you may click it for a full size image.